Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Early Christmas

My family was here this last weekend for Christmas and it was so much fun. We pretty much just sat around and talked, but I loved it. Its been hard living here in Idaho and not being able to see my parents as often as id like. But I guess 2 hours isnt too bad. But Ive missed them and it was so good to have them over.

I finally got my act together and took some pictures for once! ha ha but they were on my phone so they're not the greatest but oh well.

Me and My Momma :)

Ha ha marshall decided to give miley a them both ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My dog hates me

ha ha my dog is acting all sad and depressed because we had to shave her- she gets these mats in her hair when it gets long and every 6 months or so we have to totally shave her ha ha.

So she went from this....soft curly long whispy hair....

to this. ha ha

ha ha I think she knows that she isnt as cute with her short hair and thats why she's acting depressed. Of course just like any mamma i think she's cute either way :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New House and New Year

So we have been super busy this past week trying to get our house done. We decided to put in all new trim and baseboards, paint almost every wall, new carpet, and new vanity in the bathroom. Doesnt sound too bad right? Ha well thats what I thought. I had this last week off of work and my mom and I spent every day from about 8am to 2am working on it. But I cant wait to move in and have everything how I want it :) Here are some midway pics I took the other night.
Also BIG thanks to both our families for helping out :) You Guys Are The BEST!
our kitchen has become the place to put stuff My Mom :) She's amazing
Joel being cute and handy :)
This Vanity is 9736454 times uglier in person. I cant wait for the new one to go in!
We had our one year anniversary on the 14th! wohoo! We took the weekend and went up to park city ( thats were we went on our honeymoon) They have a restaurant called the Hapa Grill and it was the main reason we went there ha ha the sushi is AMAZING! We also did alot of shopping and laying around the hotel watching movies. it was great! Im so thankful to be married to such an amazing man and cant wait for the years to come! Muah Love you Joel!

I miss the mountains in Utah- well actually I just miss Utah ha ha so pretty
Im the worst these are the only two pictures I took- I need to be better!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its sad I know but....

So in case you didnt know, I Love Twilight. Ive tried to get Joel to love it as much as I do...but yeah thats not happening anytime soon. Ha anyways I am bored at work and stumbled across this new teaser trailer...and I wont lie I was about to die of excitement. Here is the link-
and here is another AMAZING one that I just found while writing this ha ha

I SOOOOO cannot wait for new moon! only like what...26 more days? AH!
ok ok so now onto real life happenings.

We went to a Halloween Party last night and it was so fun! The theme was famous couples so Joel and I went as Hercules and Meg (dont know if its historically accurate, but thats what Disney says so we went with it) Here are some pics taken on my phone (lost my camera in the move:( so they're kinda crappy)

Ha my sexy Hercules! We played a kind of how well do you know your spouse game and came in 2nd behind sean and katelin Bringhurst...not bad! ha ha then we had a pie eating contest! If you won you got to shove pie into your spouses face- so of course I reminded Joel that if he won I would kill him :) Luckily neither of us won (although I did put in a good effort and joel started getting worried i'd win towards the end!) But the pie was AMAZING so that was probably the best part ha ha

Look at him go! ha ha and on the next one you cant really tell but he has pie all over his face ha ha
Now its my turn- Ha I was really worried I was going to get pie in my hair

Now this was the last picture Joel took and as you can see still alot of pie- BUT I did get pretty dang close to that crust, and alot of pie in my nose.
After the Party we went with the Bringhursts to the Grand Stand of Terror in Blackfoot and it was so fun!!! Very good, I HIGHLY recommend you go!!
I Love Halloween!!! and Twilight!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The House Hunt is OVER

So we just accepted the counter offer on a house we LOOOOVE! Its been so discouraging these last 2 months looking at houses, and this one was such a breath of fresh air! I absolutely love it!

Only bad thing is we have to wait until November 20th to close :(

I have that same feeling that I did when I was little and I would go shopping with my mom and she would buy me something and say, "now you know you dont get this untill Christmans.." ha ha I want it now! But I guess that will give me time to plan how to decorate?

So here are some pics i stole off of the mls

Do you see that?? a DISHWASHER! ha ha none of the houses we looked at had a dishwasher- AND it has a giant pantry...not that I really spend much time in the kitchen, I just love having space to stick stuff! wahoo!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change your life

So Joels mom rented this movie and we all (me, joel, his mom and dad) sat down to watch it the other night...joel and his dad thought it was lame and left to go play the wii and joels mom had to go pick up joels i ended up watching this movie by myself and it was a good thing because i was in tears! This movie is SOOOO good! I was a little skeptical because it is like a baptist/born again christian made movie (or something like that) but it was amazing. I was so blown away by the fact that all of the principles it talks about are all in line with what the church teaches. It is all about marriage and relationships and how to love others we need to serve them, and that to fully love others we need to love the savior and know his love...etc. SO GOOD! it seriously made me take a step back and look at my own marriage and made me want to be better! ah i really cant stress enough, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Ok Ok ill admit the acting isnt the best, although it does have Kirk Cameron in it :) but if you can go into it excpecting that itll be even better!! I guarentee if you watch it with an open mind you will love it. ALSO is awesome. Im smiling just talking about it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I can speak- so why do I have to take Speech!??! Comm 101 is honestly the dumbest class ever. I am giving a speech on the dangers of indoor tanning tomorrow. I should be going over my note cards to practice- but I need a break...hence this post. Urgh.

Friday, October 2, 2009


So we were supposed to close on our house today. But we ended up backing out at the last second. The whole time I had had bad feelings about it, but I kept telling myself it was because it was our first house and its a big step, that it was normal to have doubts. But there were so many red flags (things wrong with the house, things the seller did to cover things up..etc)

Joel and I have been praying to know whether we were making the right decision to buy it- and I was a little discouraged that I hadnt really gotten an answer. So I thought back to a John Bytheway talk about how sometimes not getting a "no" answer to your prayer is kind of like getting a "yes". So I figured it was a green light. But I couldnt shrug off all of the people telling us "there are too many weird things about the house..." "Too many red flags..." I found myself justifying buying the house despite those things. I would say well any house that old would have some things wrong, or we've already spent so much on the inspection and appraisal.....Basically I was looking at it emotionally rather than logically (which is what my dad and Joel kept telling me, but of course I said I wasnt.)

So Joel and I decided to go look at the house one last time yesterday evening. As we were walking through it we started talking about the things we did and didnt like about the house. AND started noticing some oddities. After Joel finished commenting on how when he walked through the center of the living room his head almost hit the bottom of the fan, he asked if I really thought we should buy the house. I immediatley heard, "No." Not from in my head- but like I HEARD it. Then as I thought, the word No, I felt...right inside. I cant really explain it- but when I said it outloud to Joel I knew that I had gotten my answer- I felt warm and good and relieved! and of course I became emotional and had to keep myself from crying. :)

This answer also put me into immediate despair as we walked back into our half packed, messy house that we have to be out of by Sunday.

But Joel, being the amazing man that he is, said we needed to get out of the house and just drive. So we did. And I cried. But the more we talked and started looking at other houses the better I felt. And when we got home it was like a huge weight of doubt that I had been carrying around with me was gone.

I still dont know how we are going to get everything out by Sunday or where its all going, but thats ok, I know we will figure it out. I am so thankful to have a loving Heavenly Father who KNOWS what is best for us and helps us get to it when we ask. I am also thankful for a husband who always knows what I need- how to get me back on track. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Luckiest

I was looking through all of Joel and I's pictures from when we were dating to now and I got a little teary ha ha as corny as it may be. But I started thinking about when I was like 13 in Young Womens and they would have you write down characteristics of your future husband and all that good stuff. I am so lucky that I got all of those things plus more that I didnt even know I wanted! He makes me laugh, loves me even when im onry and is my best friend. I am so thankful to my heavenly father for helping me find him and letting me keep him forever!

So here are some of my favorite pics from our life together so far :)

This was one of the first pics Joel and I took- its at 5th street bagelry and its also the day Joel introduced me to the Reuben Sandwhich- or bagelwhich? ha ha but definitely a good day

This one was i think a few weeks later- we walked around the temple grounds and little did i know we'd be getting married here 3 months later!

This one is was my first trip to california with Joels Family- SoOoOoOo much fun! I wish i could go on this exact vacation again... minus people getting sick. ha but this was in sacramento before The River Cats baseball game (aslo a blast)

Same Cali trip but Joel and his brother Miles and his friend Doug and I all rode the BART into San Franscisco- ah i just wanna go back! ha ha

This is one of my favorite engagement pics

This is my favorite Halloween Picture ha ha i was a pirate and Joel was a nerd- ha he really looks like a creeper huh? ha I love it!

Wedding. Yay. Favorite for obvious reasons :)

Ha i loOoOove him :)The honeymoon- also favorite for obvious reasons
another trip to cali- we love the beach :)

And another happy day- when we got miley!!!

sleeping on the way to Utah ha she looks so scruffy and soft! i love her ha ha
There have been so many amazing days since June of 2008 and these are only a few of the best- but i've loved every second of it :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So my birthday was last saturday. woot im 21! I had the day off and Joel and I stayed on the couch all day and watched Prison Break. Ha it was soooo nice to just relax and lounge around all day. We did finally get up and go to dinner. But it was a great Birthday and I loved spending it with my amazing husband :)

We are set to close on our house on the 25th...I hope the seller gets everything fixed he was supposed to in time- because I really just wanna move in already!

For my birthday present to myself I went and got my hair done. Again. Ive been so bored with my hair so I decided to do something dramatic. So I cut off about 5 inches and colored it a dark brown with red tint! ha ha Joel came home and was like, "I dont even recognize you!" ha ha so its a little different :) This is a nerdy picture I took at work while being bored, im trying to be incogneto.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apt for rent!

we got all our stuff with our house worked out and are closing around the 25th. yay. BUT we have a seperate studio apartment behind our house that we need to rent out. It is super cute- newly remodeled- and close to ISU. So if you or anyone you know are looking please let me know!! here are some pics i stole off of the mls website ha ha

Monday, August 31, 2009

Miley got a hair cut a few weeks ago and she's super cute so I thought id post a few pics :) Ha ha She has such giant ears- when her hair was REALLY short she looked like a little bat- ha it was sad

This is the thing she does when she thinks she's in trouble-like she's showing you submission so she doesnt get in trouble ha ha i love it

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I havent been very good at updating this as frequently as i'd like to- so ill play catch up for a minute. Joel and I decided that we want to buy a house. That sounds easy enough right? Well thats what I thought anyway. I wish buying a house were like going to the store to buy something- you see what you want and you buy it. We have been going back and forth with the seller of the house we want for the last few weeks...Its driving me INSANE. First of all the guy is a TOTAL jerk, he's like 26 and just flips he didnt come down at all on the price- which was fine because I still think we are getting a good deal on it. BUT we just had the inspection yesterday and found that it needs rain gutters, and a new furnace (those are the big things). So we sent over an offer saying that he needs to fix those things....and I know he's gonna say no. Now im discouraged. We've put so much effort and Money into this house already so if he says no do we keep trying to negotiate or just say forget it and walk?

The other problem is that if we try to look for another house how do I know that we wont go through the same thing- fork out another $250 for the appraisal and $250 for the inspection and have it come back with lots of problems. All of the houses we are looking at are built before 1960- so apart of me is like well they are all probably going to have some issues so maybe we just say ok and fix it. Then another part of me is like I just dont want to deal with it! Should we just keep renting? aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

And this is why I wish I could just go to the house store and buy one. period.

In other happier less depressing news...I made enchiladas! Wahoo! ha ha I normally hate cooking- I would rather do dishes for 2 hours than cook- BUT I think there is hope for me afterall because I actually sort of enjoyed making them. I think I really just enjoyed the fact that Joel loved them and that I made them. all by myself. And that they were actually REEEAALLLYY good. These arent MY enchiladas but they looked almost exactly like this ha ha so I figured I could put it up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here are just some randoms from the vacation

My favorite ride- The Rocket!