Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eat Pray Love and Be a Selfish Jerk

This was on netflix the other day and I thought, "hey this was supposed to be way good, everyone loved it, ill watch it." and let me tell you I have never been so mad while watching a movie. I thought about reading the book a while back and am SO glad I didnt. The main character was so selfish and self centered I almost couldnt stand it. At the beginning of the movie she has this emotional breakdown in the middle of the night thinking she doesnt want to be married anymore. She wanders the house looking at wedding pictures, then collapses on the floor and cries out to God asking for an answer as to what she should do. Then she goes back to bed and tells her husband she doesnt want to be married anymore. Then in the divorce proceedings her husband comes in and pleads his case to her about how he loves her and will change anything and how she didnt even give a hint that she was unhappy etc...He says, "I made vows till death and I take those seriously!" to this she gives the dumbest reply "I know you'll find someone that makes you so happy, but thats not me."

For the rest of the movie she is traveling to these different countries trying to find herself. Trying to find balance in her life yada yada yada....

What made me so mad was the fact that she just gave up on her first marriage. She just wakes up and decides she's unhappy and not in the life she wants. So that means just get a divorce? She didnt even try to work it out with her husband, let alone even tell him she was unhappy in the first place! I hate that this movie/book got so much attention because I feel like it was the epitomy of how the world sees life and marriage.

Its all about me!

That was basically the whole theme of the movie. IM not happy in our marriage. (dont care how that makes YOU feel.) I dont know who I am anymore. I need to find MYSELF. MY life isnt in balance. ME, ME, ME, MY, MY, MY, I, I, I!!! I hate that this selfishness is applauded in the movie and marriage is made to seem like a joke. I agree with the poor husband in the movie, and I wish more people took their vows seriously. I know that satan is on the attack, trying everything he can to rip and claw and tear families apart. and I believe SELFISHNESS IS THE KEY to his plan.

I work at at&t and deal with married couples all the time. It makes me so sad when those couples I know come in and say "I need to take my husband/wife off of my account, we're getting a divorce." and the crazy things is its always YOUNG couples. Seeing this all the time makes me want to work harder to have the best marriage I can.

SO I guess maybe the movie wasnt All bad, since I did manage to get some spiritual thought out of it...oh and Julia Roberts did do amazing in her :)

p.s. I am not saying that there arent valid reasons for a divorce...or that sometimes in certain circumstances its not necessary...hope I didnt offend anyone!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference is the best

"Choose your Love,

Love your Choice."

-Pres. Monson

I Love my choice,

and Love how happy this choice makes me :)

and Love how our choice to be members of

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

blesses our lives on a daily basis.

and Love how Conference brings things into perspective

and reminds us to always be

reaching to DO better and BE better.

*[sigh] Life is Good