Monday, August 31, 2009

Miley got a hair cut a few weeks ago and she's super cute so I thought id post a few pics :) Ha ha She has such giant ears- when her hair was REALLY short she looked like a little bat- ha it was sad

This is the thing she does when she thinks she's in trouble-like she's showing you submission so she doesnt get in trouble ha ha i love it

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I havent been very good at updating this as frequently as i'd like to- so ill play catch up for a minute. Joel and I decided that we want to buy a house. That sounds easy enough right? Well thats what I thought anyway. I wish buying a house were like going to the store to buy something- you see what you want and you buy it. We have been going back and forth with the seller of the house we want for the last few weeks...Its driving me INSANE. First of all the guy is a TOTAL jerk, he's like 26 and just flips he didnt come down at all on the price- which was fine because I still think we are getting a good deal on it. BUT we just had the inspection yesterday and found that it needs rain gutters, and a new furnace (those are the big things). So we sent over an offer saying that he needs to fix those things....and I know he's gonna say no. Now im discouraged. We've put so much effort and Money into this house already so if he says no do we keep trying to negotiate or just say forget it and walk?

The other problem is that if we try to look for another house how do I know that we wont go through the same thing- fork out another $250 for the appraisal and $250 for the inspection and have it come back with lots of problems. All of the houses we are looking at are built before 1960- so apart of me is like well they are all probably going to have some issues so maybe we just say ok and fix it. Then another part of me is like I just dont want to deal with it! Should we just keep renting? aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

And this is why I wish I could just go to the house store and buy one. period.

In other happier less depressing news...I made enchiladas! Wahoo! ha ha I normally hate cooking- I would rather do dishes for 2 hours than cook- BUT I think there is hope for me afterall because I actually sort of enjoyed making them. I think I really just enjoyed the fact that Joel loved them and that I made them. all by myself. And that they were actually REEEAALLLYY good. These arent MY enchiladas but they looked almost exactly like this ha ha so I figured I could put it up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here are just some randoms from the vacation

My favorite ride- The Rocket!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Hair- House Hunt!

So i am finally putting up pictures of my blondeish hair...and i wont lie i dont really like it. Every time i wash it it seems like it looks different. AND what is so funny is anytime people see me they're like, "oh allison- your hair....," or "oh my gosh its so light" ha so i know that it doesnt look good because i never get- its so cute, or you look so good! ha ha but thats ok, i did it for a change and thats what i got. so here are some horrible pictures i took at work while bored- and now that im looking at them my hair doesnt look that blonde...but it is ha. please dont laugh.
Ok now on to more important things! Joel and I decided we are going to take advantage of that $8,000 tax credit and buy a house! ha ha we figured we will be here for the next 3 years or so- so why keep throwing away rent? I made the first real step yesterday and called a realtor, so we are going wednesday morning to look at some houses.
Im really excited by kind of nervous at the same time. I know absolutely NOTHING about buying a house. So this should be interesting.
p.s. We went to Utah last thursday through sunday and i will post pics later :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Golf, Muffins, Utah!

So we went golfing the other day and I actually did well! ha ha this actually makes going with joel almost every day fun! here is a cool picture of me pretending like i know what im doing- but I actually bogey'd this hole! wahoo!Something else a bit less exciting that happened was that I actually baked something! ha granted it came out of a box....ha i still had to mix it and bake it correctly. So hopefully this is a good start to baking more regularly :) and here is my proof! ha ha as you can see they look a little handicapped.
Lastly- we went to utah over the weekend to visit my family and it was alot of fun! we went to lagoon on saturday, it was like 23983 degrees! ha ha but still alot of fun. I miss Utah :( but oh well poky is fun too...and here is a pic i just found that joel took of my after our long saturday ha ha i love little miley- she's such a cuddler :)