Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh the places we'll go

Savannah, Georgia

I want to live in this house

After Joel is done with school

and I can host brunch parties

with lemonade on checkered table cloths

while our little ones play in the cool grass

aaahhh what a dream.

I am obsessed with flowers right now

I want it to be spring so bad

I grew up in Seattle

and want to go back to Washington

to see the Tulip Festival

and while we are there at the Tulip Fesitval

We'll swing up to Seattle and visit

Pikes Place Market

and Joel can catch a fish!


I love temple square in spring time

I wish Joel and I could have waited to be married in the spring

but yeah there was no way

August to November was almost too long


I miss Switzerland!

It is one of the prettiest places I've ever been to

Someday I want to stay in one of those little hillside cottages

and frolick in the grassy hills

Flowers in Mexico!

We are going in May and I hope they are still in bloom

(no idea when they bloom there?)

Tuscany- o-o-o I love it there!

This picture pretty much explains it

who wouldnt want to spend a sunny afternoon here? sipping Italian sodas

and reading a good book

This is just awesome

would I want to cut all that wood?


but is it ridiculously cool?


This is what I have been eating

non- stop

the last few days

they're a-mazing!!!

I hope hope hope that Joel gets into the University of Washington Medical School So that I can enjoy this Beautiful campus and lay under those cherry blossom trees reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, (one of my all time favorites) More Tulip Festival When I have little ones Im going to take them here so they can run up and down the rows of different colors with a caramel apple in one hand and mine in the other I have been in such a good mood the last two days NOTHING can phase me I didnt even stress when my brakes went out yesterday and I found out its going to be 250 bucks to fix them dont even care because I AM HAPPY. Blissfully HAPPY You know what I blame for this mood change? a little thing I like to call PJ'S Prayers, Journal and Scriptures It has made the biggest difference for me

aaahhhh LIFE IS GOOD

Friday, February 25, 2011


There has been so much that has happened lately.
But I am too lazy to try and play catch up
So here is what has been happening in Picture form

I spent Valentines day alone

Joel was up at the school studying

But he did get me these awesome roses

and wrote me the cutest note ever

hes the best :)

Jack turned 2
Look how cute his cake is!
Julie is super talented :)

this face is the best

he was so excited! ha ha

We bought Jack a Bubble gun and Holster
haha he loved it...

then he dropped it
and it broke. no more bubbles.
ha but he didnt seem to mind

I love his hair!

Jenna's Sweet 16 party!

Now this is a regular occurance at the Palmer home
someone is always wrestling
or headlocking
or something equally physical
they like to have fun :)

I have had alot on my mind lately
some kind of deep stuff
its weird, i dont know why
maybe ill blog about it
we'll see

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love. Love. Love.

Call between my lover and I....2/14/2011 at approximately 3pm

Joel: So I am going to buy you something but want to make sure its ok...Its going to cost $85 and it will die in 2 days

Me: 85 bucks???

Joel: Yep, so do you still want flowers delivered to your work? Ill do it, but.....

Me: No freaking way thats ridiculous for flowers!

Joel: I know huh, I could buy you a pair of nice shoes for $85!

hahaha and this is why I love him ;)
Happy Valentines Day babe!!!