Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long over due update

So its been forever since i updated this-but better late than never right? So Joel got a job! Im so proud of him! Its at 20/20 optical and its the perfect job for him since hes going into optometry. Plus its part time so he can still go to school full time! Its so funny how things work out- i was so frustrated that joel couldnt find a job anywhere, and it was just because this one was waiting :) AND this whole experience has been a real testimony builder. I have never been the best at fasting i will admit it (if i dont eat every 2-3 hours i get sick) so ive always been lazy with it. So a few sundays ago joel asked me to fast with him that he would get the job...(and to make things worse i had to work that sunday) BUT i said a prayer that id be able to get through the day so i could help joel...and on tuesday we got the call saying he got it! It was so great to see the outcome of our fast and has really given me the boost i needed to make sure i do it each month.

In other less important news, i colored my hair for the first time about two months ago...kinda scary! ha ha and today i went in and went even lighter- it was sort of shocking at first but i am starting to really like it- Joel hasnt seen it yet so hopefully he does too. So i went from dark brown (as seen in the wedding picture) to that! but anywho ill post more later!