Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color me Wonderful

I have been obsessed with turning my patio into a "woman-cave" where I can lounge while reading and sipping lemonade, and entertain friends with cute summer plates and yummy cupcakes and watermelon.

This table and chair set is exactly what I want.

Patio sets are so dang expensive! So I am thinking I might start scrounging around the DI and garage sales for some treasures I can paint these fun colors!

Dont you love it??

I am also currently obessing over this entry way with awesome rug. I dont know why but I am saving this picture for my "someday house" so I can replicate it to a T.

.A.d. O. r. a. B. L. e.

I love this babys room . (however dont love the name creed....) but I have a soft spot in my heart for owls, so when I saw this I had to post it. Kinda almost makes me want to have a baby so I can decorate a nursery...ALMOST....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeling Brave


The link above is the site I found this project on. I totally want this in my living room...At the moment I dont have any walls to put this on, but I could probably find one. My living room is red, black, white and an assortment of beige...So im thinking I want to do this with all different colors of tan/beige and white maybe? I think it could look cool on my dark red walls. :)

So this is my indoor summer project. All I need to find is a cheap canvas...hhmmm

And anyone who wants to do this with me, you totally should, so you can help me haha

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Hunger Games

I am so happy about this.

I was worried that she couldnt pull off Katniss

But I think they did a great job

I get so mad when books are turned into movies

and they cast the characters all wrong,

like they didnt even read the book at all!

Example: Twilight.

Im sure you get my point.

Bella---Kristen Stewart---REALLY???

haha anyways....

This pictures makes me so excited for the movie!

on a side note...Haymitch will be played by Woody Harrelson!

YAY! I love him!

March 2012 needs to come faster!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I have totally been slacking on blogging lately.

We went to Mexico, and I will post all the pics later, too overwhelming for a Monday.

So in the mean time

These are my current obsessions


amazing. amazing. amazing.

This a movie I will buy and watch everyday

for the rest of my life.

Yes its that good.

Dah just look at them!! I could die. So good!!

(Go see it!)



Totally loving this girl right now.

Her music is fun, energetic, beautiful and perfect for warm weather

Its like everyone of her songs is a party

just for me.

You'll know when you hear it :)


Sookie Stackhouse Series

I reviewed this first book [Dead until Dark] on Goodreads

(see side link)

But I cant get enough of these!

I love the characters, the setting, the story, its all captivating.

If you dont mind a few curse words, and a steamy scene or two

you HAVE to read these.

(and then of course tell me what you think)


Vans Palisades Vulc

These are great summer shoes

and a wonderful alternative to TOMS

which everyone and their dog seems to be wearing these days

(not that there's anything wrong with TOMS....

well except that they make my feet ugly...HA)

So comfortable and look amazing with shorts and capris

AND they're only 40 bucks.



Say Yes to the Dress

This show is streaming on Netflix right now

all 78 Glorious episodes.

It is so fun to see the different dresses people pick.

and entertaining to see the butt ugly dresses girls fall in love with!


So since I watch this show everyday on my lunch,

its got me reminiscing about my own dress

and how much I adore it.

Meet my dress, and strange gorgeous girl wearing it.

Its a Maggie Sottero for anyone who cares

and obviously we had to make a few improvements

Enter my Improved Dress

I wish that I could wear it everyday!

I love the back of the dress
the train is like butter.
I could eat it up!

Dah why cant there be more places to wear a wedding dress??


I will get pics up of the vacation asap

It was amazing, and we are already thinking

we need to turn it into an annual affair.

We are super busy trying to finish our fence

and already starting on new home projects