Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Early Christmas

My family was here this last weekend for Christmas and it was so much fun. We pretty much just sat around and talked, but I loved it. Its been hard living here in Idaho and not being able to see my parents as often as id like. But I guess 2 hours isnt too bad. But Ive missed them and it was so good to have them over.

I finally got my act together and took some pictures for once! ha ha but they were on my phone so they're not the greatest but oh well.

Me and My Momma :)

Ha ha marshall decided to give miley a them both ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My dog hates me

ha ha my dog is acting all sad and depressed because we had to shave her- she gets these mats in her hair when it gets long and every 6 months or so we have to totally shave her ha ha.

So she went from this....soft curly long whispy hair....

to this. ha ha

ha ha I think she knows that she isnt as cute with her short hair and thats why she's acting depressed. Of course just like any mamma i think she's cute either way :)