Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grand Reveal

About 2 months ago Joel and I decided our front yard needed a face lift. I had planted those little bushes in front when we first moved in, and they just werent doin it for me.

So I went over to Pinehurst Nursery and this nice lady helped me draw out a plan and picked out plants that would look best together. I know nothing about plants and gardening so she was a huge help. Then we waited about a week before picking up the plants until my momma came into town to help. (she knows everything about everything, including planting) haha

So these are the before pictures.

Pretty Sad Huh??

I am now proud to say that this is my yard! I was always kind of embarrassed at my yard when I'd drive in and out of my driveway. Now I get excited when I round the corner onto our street. Super nerdy I know, but I love all my pretty flowers and plants! I have tried really hard to keep them looking good and I think the hard work has paid off. :)

The After Pictures

(ignore the weeds growing out of my driveway, they are the devil. If you know how to get rid of them, please share.)

Next project: Back yard (cringe)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I gained 4 lbs on our Seattle vacation.

Thats what a week of nothing but eating out will do to you apparently.


I was doing really good for the two weeks before we left

I was going to the gym with my sweetie every morning

and hadnt eaten out ONCE.

Now I feel like a giant jelly blob when I try to work out

I feel like I am so out of my good funk.

AND I have a cold.

who gets a cold in August, really?

So here is my solution to part of my problem.

In order to eat less, and healthier, Im going to eat more.

I've heard that snacking during the day, between meals

will actually help because you'll eat less at mealtime.

So I was trying to find some snacks to take to work to eat when

I get the hungry monster in my stomach before lunch and dinner.

I would LOVE suggestions

and this is what I've been doing, and have been Loving it :)


Peanut butter and Pretzels are delish and low in calories...

as long as you use the peanut butter sparingly haha

(which can be hard to do because its so yummy)

Dried Fruit

Winco has become my best friend because of their bulk section

I was buying dried fruit at costco and it was costing me a small fortune

I can get 3 lb bags of NO SUGAR ADDED dried fruit

at winco for 1/3 of the price.

I like that. Alot.

AND its good for you :)

My favorites?

Apples- Mango/pineapples- Apricots

I've also started taking prenatal vitamins

(no im not prego or even trying)

but I have already noticed a difference in how I feel

I dont know if thats in my head or what

But I figure who cares, I like it!

Ive been reading up on ways to live a healthier life

and when I find some more ill be sure to share :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Seattle Bound

This is my home town, where I spent the first 14 years of my life. I grew up thinking that having the back of your jeans permanently soaked was normal, and that the reason my hair wouldnt stay straight was just because it was stubborn. I am excited to go back and see the city, the coast, go to a MARINERS game (theyre playing the boston red sox...Joel is so excited) and revisit some favorite places.


Look Familiar? This is one of our stops, SECOND BEACH, they filmed parts of the Twilight Saga here...i'd be lying if I said I wasnt excited about it ;)

The Hoh Rainforest...Beautiful

Monday, August 8, 2011

oh mat, we love you...

I have been bored here at work today, and beating myself up over the fact that our blog has been neglected this summer. We have had alot of fun, and enjoyed every minute of it...I just cant seem to remember to take pictures of it, and then I forget to blog about it! So I was trying to come up with something I WANTED to share, and this is what I came up with.


Joel and I both looooove Mat Kearney. He is one of the most talented people I've ever listened to. All of his music is very personal and uplifting and his voice is to die for. His third album just came out on August 2nd [Young Love] and it is just as amazing as his first two [Nothing left to lose, and City of Black and White] So while I was looking up his new tour dates [sadly all of them are on the east coast and the south...LAME!] I came across his blog....and noticed that HE GOT MARRIED! I was so excited and googled pictures. Look how adorable they are! His wife Annie [who inspired the song "Hey Mama" on his new album and happens to be one of my favorite songs...] is so pretty and perfect for him. They wanted to get married in the south underneath weeping willows, and the wedding pictures are so cool.

I have this romantic idea of what the south is like and cant wait to go there someday. Joel served his mission in Tennessee, which is where Mat and Annie got married. Im hoping that when we finally go I can find a grove of willows and have sweet pictures like these taken of my sweetie and I :)

If you havent heard his stuff, go listen to it, you wont be disappointed