Friday, June 5, 2009

Funtivities and a sad puppy

So last night we had a little get together at the Richmans with the Pugmires! It was alot of fun- however im pretty sure the Pugmires think we are crazy! ha ha Joel and I are really competetive and we played the game Remote Possibilities...and I will just say that it gets REALLY intense...screaming, shouting, victory dances...etc. But it was alot of fun- Then later that night after the Pugmires had left Joel found that Kyle has this little remote helicopter- This then entertained us well past midnight. We even went as far as to make it take off from megans head...ha ha which was an indicator that it was way past bed time.

So by the time we get home- little Miley has been home alone for like...4 hours...and I dont know if she did it for attention or out of boredom...but she had 1. Torn up two pairs of my shoes 2. chewed on my new shoes :( 3. attacked our potted tree and got dirt ALL over the floor 4. got into the garbage and shredded countless papertowels, napkins, and packages.... and lastly 5. Peed on the carpet Ha ha so needless to say she got quit the spanking... So since she was covered in dirt from the tree and somehow managed to get pee on herself we had to give her a bath. Now Joel and I hate the smell of wet dog so everytime we give her a cleaning we blowdry her- This also helps keep her nice and fluffy :) ha ha so the picture below shows the position she takes when she knows she needs to be dried off...ha ha and look at that remorse on her face! I knew she felt bad so of course after she was dry Joel and I cuddled her up on her little bed and gave her lots of kisses goodnigt :)

So needless to say it was an eventful night and I am now paying for it by being ridiculously tired at work, but it was worth it!

The game that brings out the worst in me!
Joel being 5 years old
ha ha the rest of us joining in
she feels bad- you can tell ha ha or im just a pushover

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Funny Hats and Sushi!

So yesterday was my day off. I LOVE my days off, Joel and I slept in till like 10, then made a big breakfast and lounged on the couch and watched the office till like 1...ha ha and of course little miley was just as lazy with us as this photo will give evidence to. After that we drove up to Idaho Falls with Megan and Kyle for some awesome Sushi! I have been really disappointed with the sushi here in Poky and the one we usually go to in IF but we tried a new one called the Blue Hashi and it was amazing! Also the customer service was way good too which just made it that much better!

After sushi we had some time to kill before our movie started- so of course we HAD to go over to Target! (I miss having a target so bad!) But we went so I could look at shoes and Megan could get some sheets...but we got a little distracted by hats! ha ha we decided one day we are going to buy random hats like this and all wear them golfing. Also the sunglasses were right next to the hats, so of course we had to play with those too. ha ha so here are some of the pics from the excitement.

ha ha they loved these

And I actually liked my cowboy hat- im considering getting one for when we go to rodeos...well more for modivation to go to rodeos ha ha

ha ha Megan looked way cute in the hat in the last pic so we convinced her to get it :)

Anywho after the festivities at Target we went to see "Night at the Museum" and I was kinda disappointed- I didnt love it but it was entertaining and had alot of funny parts.