Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have been in a funk lately. This funk is due to me feeling sorry for myself. I had some big disappointments at work (post for another day when im not still bitter about it) and since then ive been feeling crappy. I feel cheated and im taking it out on everything else...Ive been asking myself weird questions about everything. things like;
-Why does my hair fall out and litter the bathroom floor- something that has always happened, but has now made me furious.
-Why cant I be impractical? I want a new car so bad, and I can afford one, but its stupid because mine is paid off...and still running fine. But I work hard, dont I DESERVE a new car??
-Why does everything I plant die? I planted all of my new plants with root stimulator and fertilizer, just like the woman at the nursery told me to! why are they dying?!
-Why cant we be in the Cedar 3rd ward??? EVERYONE is in the Cedar 3rd ward....and we are in the 4th ward. with no one our age.
-and on that note...WHY am I still in the primary?? doesnt heavenly father realize that I need some spirituality on Sunday? I NEED A RELIEF SOCIETY LESSON!!!
-Why cant I get up earlier that 8am. WHY?? Why cant I drag myself to the gym by 6 so I can be in the shape that I want? Why cant I self motivate myself?!
-Why does ISU suck so bad? Why do they only offer classes at noon. WHO can take a class at noon???? give me morning and night classes!
I could go on....but I wont. Well I will....just not on here.


I was going through my phone earlier, and looking at all of my random pictures, and picked some of my favorites of some of my most favorite people to make myself feel better. While most everything I do seems discouraging, it is such a blessing to have an amazing FAMILY. I am so grateful for Joel and I's parents and all that they do for us. AND im thankful for awesomely cool siblings :) I dont know what I'd do without them. AND of course my wonderful husband, who for the past two weeks has put up with my onryness. He's the best.

Best day. Period.

My parents :)

Joel and his Mom at our reception

Joels parents and my adorable nephews!

Me and My Momma at the wave

I love this picture haha

Good looking boys! my dad, baby brother and hot husband!

I love this pic too, Joes Mom with baby Talon

My two favorite guys!

The Palmer Family (minus kelly) at Jennas Bday party

Love these ladies! My Aunt Kathy, Grandma and Lovely Momma

Mini Golfing for Marshalls Bday

I am being a total whiner, and I know that my problems are nothing compared to what others are going through, so I should just suck it up. But sometimes its nice to let it out. :)

I feel better already.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lemonada in Paradise

Back in May we took a little adventure down to Mexico with out friends Tyson and Stephani Flower....and let me just say it was AMAZING!! We spent most of the time lounging in the hammocks or on the beach and eating delicious food. AND all you can drink drinks...which means amazing lemonada and shirley temples!

These hammocks were the best, and inspired us to buy one for our backyard haha

The grounds and gardens of the resort were so beautiful!

I dont know why I look so upset but I was loving life. Reading in a hammock in paradise...pretty much best time ever.

and I had to throw this one in because my husband is totally hot :)


We went on an all day tour that was easily the best day there! We started with Tulum in the morning, then went on some zip lines over a gorgeous cenote.

Then after canoeing we went cliff jumping...I didnt want to do it at first but of course they all made me haha and it was a blast

Then we walked through the jungle and saw a little mayan village where they pay real mayans to live...haha it was kinda weird but cool at the same time. Then we went snorkeling in these sweet caves. The water was freezing and im preeeetty sure there was bat poop in it in various places, but id rather not think about it. Our guide informed us that they filmed a horror movie in the cave which I think was supposed to impress me, but actually made me think of terrible horror movie outcomes while snorkeling in it.

*notice i am like 12 and am the only one who has to wear a life jacket

On our way to Akumal to snorkel with the sea turtles!

*probably my favorite picture

They are so pretty!! Their shells look painted!

Notice our lovely goggle lines


And last stop was snorkeling in a lagoon. After I got out to soak up sun on the rocks the other three were attacked by a barracuda they were stalking. It was pretty hilarious to hear screams come out of the top of their snorkels.

Best food we ate at the Japanese restaurant, I must say better than Benihana!

It was so much fun and I cant wait for next year!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wild [Flowers]

So remember when I said I hoped that Stephani and I could make it to the top of China Peak by the end of July? Well little did I know that we are animals and dominated it first try! Wohoo! We drove up to the top in her car before and I thought there is no way I can do it, its so steep!! But after about 2 hours and lots and lots of gatorade breaks under the hot sun, we made it!! I was pretty proud of myself and was amazed at how beautiful Pocatello is! I also got a pretty good tan, so not a bad day! haha

About half way!

I was nervous we would run into a scary mountain lion or something, but this was the extent of wildlife we encountered...pretty intense
So Pretty!

Woooo GO US!!

I love me some wildflowers :)

[However Joels allergies did not...We had to throw them out the next day]


More Hiking Adventures to come!!!