Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joel vs. Concrete

Last saturday Joel and I got up early to go out and FINISH the fence.
we were pumped
But little did we know, this would be in the way.

Someone freaking burried a huge thing of concrete half a foot down in the dirt.

So random, its just like they had leftover concrete from the patio and were like, "Hey, lets just dig a whole, pour it in, and burry it over here?"

we had no idea how thick it was or how big it was.

So for the next 3 hours Joel used a sledge hammer to try and break through it so we could dig a post hole...

And Joel wins.

ha ha do you see how freaking thick that is??

my husband is the man :)

AND...we are almost done! we just have to put up the gates!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Fun

So this weekend was pretty eventful, so much so that im going to save the fence drama for the next post. On sunday we celebrated Joels brother, Jarom's Birthday. It was a lot of fun and the food was AMAZING of course. So here are just a bunch of randoms from the party....

Jackie D!

Miley pretty much lives perched on Keiths knee....especially when he has food. haha

Julie made such a good Bday dinner, and cake!

Jarom blowing out his candles, Brittney and little Reagan

He loooooves Sugar!

ha Jack was throwing dirt at everyone

Joel and Miles loove their little nephew :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Im terrible

Ok, so I am totally feeling sorry for myself right now. I dont feel like venting to anyone but the blog, because it wont judge me. HA.
I Love my calling in the primary (I teach sunbeams)

and i LOOOVE those little sunbeams, they are so dang cute and say the funniest things.

BUT sometimes I need to go to CHURCH on Sunday, I look forward to being spiritually fed. and when I have to sit in primary I do not feel this, I feel like I am babysitting.

Ive had more than one person tell me how awesome the lesson was in relief society last week and how it made them appreciate their husbands/the priesthood...I NEED THAT!!! I WANT THAT!


I know that I am serving and and all that and dont get me wrong I love it, I just wish I could have relief society and sunday school too....


Institute is starting soon, and this is my promise to myself that I WILL make time to take a class. and actually GO to it.

PS- im getting bangs on Thursday, and Extensions...Ah! Hopefully they will transform me into a combination of these two pictures....

Ha Ha not likely but you get the idea....

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love this

My room is currently painted apple green...
So maybe in our next house, somewhere down the road
this will be my bedroom.
I LOVE the colors.


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Only 28 more days!

I cant wait!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where do my weekends go?

Oh thats right, they all go to working in the yard.

I figured I should somehow document all of our hard work.
So I took embarassing pictures of course.
(not embarassing for Joel, just for me because I am ALBINO)

The ground along the fence is very uneven.
So we had to bring in dirt to fix it.

Ha the shadow makes Joel look like he has a huge farmers tan.

but I assure you he does not, which makes me super jealous.

Miley was smart and stayed cool under the truck.

Why didnt I think of that?

Joel was sneaky and got a picture of me.

I figured I'd post it to prove that I actually DID help.


We are pretty close to being done.


Someday ill have my lazy weekends back....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When we were in our student ward my calling was to make the bulletin for sacrament meeting each week. Although it was stressfull at times I loved it because I got to pick a picture to put on it- and so all week at work I would look for cool pictures to use. I found some of my favorites and thought I would share :)

The salt lake temple is my favorite...if you couldnt tell ha ha

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

My family was camping up at Scout Mountain for a family reunion
I of course made everyone pose for pictures :)

Miley loved it, she loves getting dirty

(Mom, Grandma, Marshall, Jackie and Cooper)

Ha marshall doesnt look very happy....maybe it was cuz we hadnt eaten yet? ;)

(Me, Joel and Derek)
(Marshall and Cooper)

(Mom and dad) I love them! :)
Random Shot
(Derek, Marshall in the corner, Alene, back of Coopers head, Joel, Rick, Mom and Dad)
We went up to my cousin Jordans new house and watched the fireworks
They were awesome
Joels parents, little sister and her friend joined us
Perfect company :)
This was my attempt to get a group shot after the fireworks ended
ha as you can see it didnt turn out
but I thought all the stuff in the air was crazy
and I also blinded everyone haha oops
(and Joel has glowing eyes) haha

It was an awesome weekend
and due to that fact,
work this week has been extra terrible
On a happy note- Our Tastee Treat team did AMAZING at our game on Tuesday
I made it home TWICE! that is huge ha ha
We have another tonight, wish us luck!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We finally finished the first side to our fence!! wooohoo! ha ha and when I say I, I really mean Joel... :) not that I didnt help...but I wasnt strong enough to drill the screws into the vinyl, or dig the holes fast enoug...So I did alot of holding things, and getting things...ha ha so basically Joel did it. (and thanks to Tyson and Joels dad for helping way more than me!)
Now we get to start on the back...looks fun huh?

our backyard neighbor is a TOTAL jerk, and likes to threaten Miley with bad words and death threats when she is barking in our yard at him through the broken fence, lets just say we will be VERY happy to put the back part up

The last leg will be to somehow attach our fence to our other neighbors vinyl fence...their driveway is at a weird angle, so we will have to cut one of our panels and make a jog over about 2-3 feet from theirs. joel says he knows what to do...ive learned not to question his methods

And to think all of this hard work, money and stress just to keep this little girl from chasing the mailman, running after cars, and scaring the neighbors kids.

P.S. We won our softball game on Tuesday!! yay! AND Stephani and I went and waited in the rain for 2 hours to see Eclipse that night...and it was AWESOME!!!