Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gimme Sum Sumisu!

I absolutely love sushi.  Its fresh, healthy, and fun to eat. 
I used to hate it, but found out that because i'd never had really good sushi.
It makes such a big difference.
One of our favorite things to do down in Salt Lake when we come down,
is go out for yummy sushi.  
So I was so excited when SUMISU opened up in Pocatello.
and let me just tell you, it stacks up with the best sushi ive had in Salt Lake. 



This place has such a fun environment, and great people working for them.
The last time we went in the owners stopped and talked with us for 20 minutes or so,
the waiter was amazing, and the food was outstanding. 
This is my new favorite place to relieve stress and just relax. 

If you go, which you should, I definitely recommend this roll
The Portneuf River Roll

Isnt he just so cute? 
haha he loves sushi probably more than anyone I know

 Puttin it down, so yummy!

For my Pocatello Love challenge I decided to start with something obvious,
Food. haha but seriously, this place is great and I would recommend it to everyone!
So go and try it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


One of my biggest battles I fight is with food.  I love food.  When we go on vacations we First- check if there is a man vs food episode on that city, and Second- google what the best places to eat are.  I just enjoy eating great food, is that so bad?  Here is where the problem emerges...I dont like to cook.  Well no, I dont MIND cooking...its the PLANNING of WHAT to cook, and going to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.  I hate coming home from work and standing in the pantry and thinking, "there is so much food in here...but nothing to eat for dinner", I then turn to the fridge, with the same outcome.  So what ends up happening is a little Jimmy Johns guy shows up at my door 20 minutes later.  PROBLEM.  For 2012 I decided we were going to go on a budget, and track everything we spend.  This has been really great and i've gotten a good idea of where most of our monies go...sadly its mostly goes to eating out.  Ok Ok enough about the issue, SOLUTION?? 

 I found THIS blog where a woman who was going to have a baby made all of these freezer friendly dinners, lunches and breakfasts ahead of time, and froze them for easy quick meals.  I decided I was totally going to attack this...however working 40+ hours a week really slims down the amount of time to spend cooking a billion freezer meals.  So instead of getting overwhelmed I decided to take it one meal at a time.  So first meal needed to be something easy, and whats easier than my favorite, 


 I was thinking that these are so easy I didnt need to post how I made them, but then I started thinking of all the "easy" things I dont know how to make and thought why not?
So here ya go!
 I like peppers and onions in mine, you can pretty much add any vegetables you like
just dice and Saute

I dont know about you, but cutting onions is bad news for my eyes.  I dont just tear up, I have full on non stop elephant this renders my sunglasses absolutely necessary while cutting the onions

Next add in as many eggs as you'd like, I used eight, but everyone has their own "egg to veggie ratio"  Also while eggs are cooking, I cooked up some bacon on the good old George Foreman

Cut up bacon and add to cooked eggs...then of course I add in some graded cheese

Then you just roll them up into tortillas....easy enough

Then wrap them nice and snug in either foil or wax paper, and freeze in freezer bag

I promise you these are delicious, and I was a little skeptical about how good they'd be once they were thawed, but they're still amazing!  Best way i've found to defrost is in the microwave for 2 minutes, wrapped in a damp paper towel. 

Its been so nice to be able to just grab one before I head to work, and has made it so Joel doesnt have to eat cereal every morning haha
This is my first step to saving money and eating better.  I know its not much but hey its a start right?  Next dilemma is lunch...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pocat [hell] o

I have been kind of down about living here lately. But rightly so. (in my opinion) This sleepy dead railroad town has nothing to do. The only two things to do are go out to eat, or go to the movies. Which is fine, but every weekend?? I think there are two reasons for my frustrations. First being that I grew up in Seattle...therefore I know better. and Second, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Joel going to Med school is becoming more of a reality rather than just something way down the road. The thought of moving to a new place, exploring a new city, having an adventure with my fun husband, is so exciting and now that its a reality, im feeling very impatient with little Pocatello.
So last Saturday instead of feeling sorry for myself that there wasnt anything to do, Joel and I decided to go explore. And let me tell you, Pocatello has some random stuff. We drove up Pocatello Creek and took our new little Jeep. We drove as far as we could on the pavement and then tried out the 4 wheel drive in some snow- While Joel was laughing and having fun, I was clutching the arm rests and squealing. But no worries, our little guy did great, even though I doubted him. haha.
After we drove down, I started noticing a bunch of random stuff on the side of the road and in peoples fields etc...this led to a two hour drive around Pocatello. In the end it ended up being an awesome adventure because it gave Joel and I time to talk, listen to Brett Dennen and just relax. Here are a few of the many random pictures we took :)

Pretty sure this thing is a million years old, and could probably be sold for a lot of money...but instead its just sitting in a field. haha

I thought this was super cool, but Joel informed me that there are old trains like this all over Pocatello...Im still a little skeptical since i've never seen one....

(also just sitting in the middle of a field)

I love the Hotel Yellowstone, Im not sure why, but I think it looks like it should be in an old movie or something- I love the yellow sign

I guess Pocatello isnt THAT bad, there are some upsides to a small town; no traffic, hardly any creepers/crime, relatively quiet...mmm yeah thats about it. haha I guess that will be my goal until we move, find more things to love about Pocatello.

Challenge Accepted.

ps. that last line is a tribute to Barney from How I Met Your Mother...we're done with all the seasons on Netflix and I think im in mourning.