Monday, May 31, 2010


So we are going on vacation to California with Joels family in August. On this vacation there will be alot of time spent at the beach. in a swimsuit. dah.

I was going through old pictures while being bored here at work and almost died. I want to get back to the weight I was before I got married

(curse fast food and my hate for cooking and excerise)

I only need to lose about ten pounds but I just cant get motivated!

So these are my goal pictures

I would love to fit those jeans again!

I want to not have to suck in my stomach in pictures! ha ha

Official Goal Picture

All of these make me so depressed! ha ha I keep saying ok on monday I will start running and eating better....then I dont do it and say ok next monday...So if any of you want to be my running/workout parter let me know! I need someone to help kick my butt!

I also found these pictures from when Joel and I were dating and loooove them so thought I would share :)

muahaha the element of surprise! So dang Cute!!!!

So pleeeease help!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Late Mothers Day Pics

We were in Utah for mothers day and had a blast. I love going down to see my fam, I miss them terribly. Hopefully someday Joel will get into the U of U for Med school and we can live there :)

Above: Dad, Mom, Marshall, Heidi, Devin, Me, Joel
Below: My dad showing off his excellent grilling skills :)

Above: creepy pic of me, cute one of Joel
Below: Devin and Heidi

I am so thankful for both mine and joels family, they are such a joy and blessing in our lives :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Luckiest

I have THE cutest husband ever.

AND the most adorable nephew.

I am The Luckiest.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Ive Been to Eleven"

We were down in Utah for mothers day and Joel and his friends went to the "wing coop" down in West Valley. At the wing coop they have a challenge were you have to eat 11 of their hottest wings in 11 minutes. So of course Joel had to do it. His friend Derek tried it too...sadly Derek only made it to 4 wings ha ha and according to him "they were so freakin hot!!!" ha ha but Joel made it through all 11 wings in 6 minutes, but then couldnt eat or drink anything for the remaining 5 minutes, Joel said that was the hardest part. So for those of you who are fans of "Man vs. Food" (which we are) you'll appreciate these pictures :)
*Here is the before picture- they are stoked and ready to go

*In the Moment

*He's feelin it
*soaking his mouth in water because, "It is on fire!" ha ha

*the other side of the shirt says, "Ive been to eleven" ha ha so nerdy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Adventures.

So we went down to Utah for mothers day. Lots of exciting things happened (like Joel dominating the "wing challenge" at the Wing Coop in West soon) Another exciting things was going to the chinese grocery store. HA it was so random. they sell things like this! for 300 bucks! ha who would buy that? and what does that little hand sign hes making mean?

They also had these little cats ALL OVER the place- are these cats the "IT" thing to have in China? sitting on coffee tables and bookshelves? who knows. weird. hence the confused face.

Now onto something that actually has a point. (well kind of has a point)

I got new hair. new bangs and new color. you can also see it in the above picture, but here is me being overly excited about it. joel wasnt as excited, but i think he likes it now. :)

Heres a cute picture of Miley, just being cute in her FAVORITE place. Under the covers. ha ha

We had our first softball game last night, it was waaaay fun! I wont lie i wasnt very excited about it because i havent played in years, but i wasnt too terrible, which made it even more fun! ha ha we ended up losing 13-15 (I was the last out, figures) but the team we played was so intense! ha ha so i was proud of our little Tastee Treat team that only lost by 2 :) Go Tastee Treat!

Im horrible and was too cold to take pictures, But i will next game. promise.

oh and Joel was pretty much a PRO, he even dived for a line drive down the third base line...hes pretty much a stud. and i love him. ha ha

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So we finally finished our Kitchen! ha ha and we actually finished it a couple of weeks ago, I just keep forgetting to take pictures, so here it is! (the before pics are a few posts down)

**Notice New Pantry Door! Yay! (it was a BEAST to put in ha ha)

**So just in case you didnt see it before, we put in a new countertop, sink and dishwasher :) looks soooo much better