Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You Mother Nature

Joel and I both had the day off yesterday
It was my day off, and Joels work closed due to the "blizzard"

It was such a good day

Sometimes I get focused on all the hard things in my life
(school, work, etc...)

But yesterday was a good reminder to focus on the good things
(amazing husband, warm home, cute puppy, yummy food)

This guy makes me unbelievably happy

And all those negative things just dont really matter :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deep breath....and release...

I have been so stressed lately
whether its work or SCHOOL or callings...
I. Feel. Stressed.
There are days where I just want to stay in bed

ALL day

and I lay there and think,
"I hate school. I hate my job."
and, "Why cant I just teach the sunbeams again?!"
All of these negative thoughts have been swimming in my head lately.

Id like to give some enlightening story about how I got past this...
But there is none.
I still feel this way.

I did have a really fun girls night with my friend Stephani on Friday.
It was so nice to go out and have fun
and have some girl time.
We went to the Center Stage Playhouse
and it was great. Loved it.
and recommend it.

Writing this reminds me

I didnt even blog about our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Which was on Nov. 14th

I am terrible
I didnt take any pictures of our tip to Salt Lake where we celebrated
We went to an improv comedy show which was AWESOME
and did lots of shopping.
It was a great getaway.

Seems like we've only been married ONE year, not two.
on a random note...
look at that little tongue sticking out.
such a cute baby!
i am so grateful for a husband who loves our nephews so much
It makes me so excited to have our own kids

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its coming!!

Does anyone know how to make one of these?
I want one.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


For Halloween we went up to Blackfoot to see Stephanie and the was so great to see them! Then we went to Joels parents and had a vampire dinner which was super good, then watched ghost busters haha its so cheesy I love it.

Our friends the Wickhams came by for dinner- love them!

My "hot dog" (she hated it)

My amazing sister in law steph, love her!

Little Jackie boy :)
Brett and baby talon
Miles, Joels dad and little jack

Miles, Jenna and the two cutest nephews ever
and my favorite for last :)

I love love love Halloween
now that its over I can start thinking about
(decorating for christmas is my favorite)