Monday, October 25, 2010


2 weeks ago I went up to my grandmas house in Grant (north of IF) to visit and decided to take miley for a walk down through the fields. I havent been down them in years, and it brought back alot of memories.

This is what is left of my childhood treehouse. We used to come to my grandparents house almost every summer growing up, and most of that time was taken up with adding on to our ridiculously sweet treehouse. When I was about 14 my grandmas 90 year old neighbor was burning her weeds and the fire got away from her and ended up burning down our treehouse.

Since then I havent been down the fields to see what was left, and it was really sad. Growing up we used to swim in the ditches and ride our bikes through the fields and down to the convenient store to buy candy. It was crazy to go back after forever and see it :)

Miley was such a good sport and posed for me in super windy weather :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a good day

Currently cleaning my house and making brownies to this playlist...

Sink or Swim- Tyrone Wells
Hazy- Rosi Golan
I Dont Wanna Wait-Rosi Golan
Winter- Joshua Radin
Yesteryear-Rosi Golan
Closer to Love- Mat Kearney
Shine-Rosi Golan
Endlessly- Green River Ordinance
Slide- Rosi Golan
More-Tyrone Wells
Been a Long Day- Rosi Golan
Song in My Head- Sherwood
Think of Me- Rosi Golan
Stay- Safety Suit
Come Around- Rosi Golan
Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy

And im loving it.

days off are the best.

And I would be MORE than happy to burn anyone a cd of all of this amazing Music, because sharing good stuff makes it that much better!!

and P.S bath and body works has all of their holiday soaps 6 for $20! yay for Fall!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


So I have this really great friend, who happens to not only be awesome, caring, generous and fun...but also very photogenic.
I drug her up a mountain and made her pose for me in the 80 degree heat
and she didnt even complain...
basically shes the best.
So hopefully she wont be too mad at me for posting these, because she told me
"you better not post these on your blog."
ha love you stephani :)
This last one is my favorite
haha this isnt even a pose, I just caught her in the act
haha I told her I was going to frame this for tyson
because she looks all seductive haha
doesnt she????

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So I am taking a physics class this semester.
i think it goes without saying, its terrible.
But we were talking about how gravity in the universe keeps everything together...
and how if the moon were just and INCH closer, or farther away
we'd basically be screwed.
how cool is that?

Joel and I decided we are going to go through the Gospel Principles book each night

(this book)

and discuss the questions it asks
and the other night we were reading and it asked the question...

"What are some things that testify to you that there is a God?"
For some reason I thought right back to physics.
The fact that our Universe is PERFECT- is something that shouts, there is a god.
Joel brought up a good point that some people think that things, like physics...
are a way to explain that there IS NOT a god.
How backwards?
God has a perfect knowledge of EVERTHING
we discovered physics because he made it!
anyways, this was kind of an Ah-Ha moment for me
this book is awesome, and we've only gone through a few chapters
but I already feel like im learning a lot

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a delightful afternoon read

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This book is one of the best books I have read. At first when I started reading I didnt know what to think because the whole book is written in letters between the characters. But it turned out to be awesome!! I grew to adore the characters and the stories that begin to weave as the letters are written back and forth. The book takes place right after WWII ends and I loved that it taught a little history while entertaining. It is a pretty short read and I would recommend it to ANYONE who likes to read :) (even boys, there is a little bit of a love story but NOTHING cheesy and sappy like twilight...ha ha im trying to get Joel and my dad to read it)