Friday, September 25, 2009

The Luckiest

I was looking through all of Joel and I's pictures from when we were dating to now and I got a little teary ha ha as corny as it may be. But I started thinking about when I was like 13 in Young Womens and they would have you write down characteristics of your future husband and all that good stuff. I am so lucky that I got all of those things plus more that I didnt even know I wanted! He makes me laugh, loves me even when im onry and is my best friend. I am so thankful to my heavenly father for helping me find him and letting me keep him forever!

So here are some of my favorite pics from our life together so far :)

This was one of the first pics Joel and I took- its at 5th street bagelry and its also the day Joel introduced me to the Reuben Sandwhich- or bagelwhich? ha ha but definitely a good day

This one was i think a few weeks later- we walked around the temple grounds and little did i know we'd be getting married here 3 months later!

This one is was my first trip to california with Joels Family- SoOoOoOo much fun! I wish i could go on this exact vacation again... minus people getting sick. ha but this was in sacramento before The River Cats baseball game (aslo a blast)

Same Cali trip but Joel and his brother Miles and his friend Doug and I all rode the BART into San Franscisco- ah i just wanna go back! ha ha

This is one of my favorite engagement pics

This is my favorite Halloween Picture ha ha i was a pirate and Joel was a nerd- ha he really looks like a creeper huh? ha I love it!

Wedding. Yay. Favorite for obvious reasons :)

Ha i loOoOove him :)The honeymoon- also favorite for obvious reasons
another trip to cali- we love the beach :)

And another happy day- when we got miley!!!

sleeping on the way to Utah ha she looks so scruffy and soft! i love her ha ha
There have been so many amazing days since June of 2008 and these are only a few of the best- but i've loved every second of it :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So my birthday was last saturday. woot im 21! I had the day off and Joel and I stayed on the couch all day and watched Prison Break. Ha it was soooo nice to just relax and lounge around all day. We did finally get up and go to dinner. But it was a great Birthday and I loved spending it with my amazing husband :)

We are set to close on our house on the 25th...I hope the seller gets everything fixed he was supposed to in time- because I really just wanna move in already!

For my birthday present to myself I went and got my hair done. Again. Ive been so bored with my hair so I decided to do something dramatic. So I cut off about 5 inches and colored it a dark brown with red tint! ha ha Joel came home and was like, "I dont even recognize you!" ha ha so its a little different :) This is a nerdy picture I took at work while being bored, im trying to be incogneto.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apt for rent!

we got all our stuff with our house worked out and are closing around the 25th. yay. BUT we have a seperate studio apartment behind our house that we need to rent out. It is super cute- newly remodeled- and close to ISU. So if you or anyone you know are looking please let me know!! here are some pics i stole off of the mls website ha ha