Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why the D.I. is Amazing

We got new bookshelves

with alot more shelf space

than our old bookshelves....

So we decided we needed some more books

to fill all of this new space.

Naturally...I went onto Amazon to order

some of my favorite books

I'd listened to on Audiobook

along with some new ones.

Total cost? 75 bucks.


Joel had the amazing idea

to check at the D.I.

and look at what I found!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society



Its adorable and I recommend you read it

But I found this little treasure

for a whopping $2!

pure awesomeness

Total cost for all of these

books that I've been


8 Dollars.

Eight. freaking. bucks.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dont mind if I do!

I love chocolate.

like, really LOVE it.

This is the main motivator to

start the Slim Fast diet

that I have now been on for about two weeks

*(and have lost 5 lbs)


and this diet lets you eat little snacks

and while searching for some

new healthy snacks

I found these bad boys...

one word: AMAZING!!!

and guess what the serving size is?

24 almonds...

and guess how much sugar....4g!!!!


However they do have 160 calories in 24

So I eat them sparingly but

Oh My Word

they are great

you should buy some.

and then tell me where you found them

because they are MIA in Pocatello.

I havent been able to find them anywhere!

(found mine in IF)

So if you're looking for something

Slightly sweet and delicious

that you dont have to feel bad

about after you eat it...

then there ya go :)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you Mary Kay

This is my new favorite thing
Its Mary Kay Eyebrow Gel
and its amazing
I have kinda crazy eyebrows
and I used to use hairspray to make them stay in place
This stuff holds them
without looking shiny or stiff
AND I dont think its meant for this...
I put it on my eyelashes
before I put on my mascara
and it keeps them from getting clumpy
Basically its amazing.
and if you want some you should ask
the amazing and talented
Stephani Flower
She's super smart about all of this makeup stuff
which is kind of like a foreign language for me
ha she's awesome.
Ask her.
[hope this doesnt embarass her haha]

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

Talon James

I had to throw this one of
in here too-
Such Cute Boys
What a lucky Aunt I am

Off to Utah Tomorrow for
Cant. Wait.

Monday, March 14, 2011

mmmmm tomaters.

So a few weeks ago in Ward Conference
a member of our Stake Presidency told
us that we NEED to plant a garden
He basically told us that there is
no excuse not to have one
And I wanted to be like,
"um yeah I have a ton of them"
Ha but he's totally right.
and with all of this craziness going on in the world
(earthquakes, tsunamis, war, uprisings)
The realization that the Second Coming
and it really kinda freaks me out.
So I am going to heed the words of
encouragement and start a garden

Now this is definitely not my yard/garden
But this is what Im going to try
a Square Foot Garden
I've been looking online
and supposedly ANYONE can make one of these work.
I have no green thumb, So this really appeals to me haha

This is my sad yard
It needs alot of sunshine and love
and this is where im planning
my future garden
Im thinking of doing a 2 x 6 foot box
and plant some of my favorite veggies
Tomatoes, zuchini, peas, cucumbers, carrots...
and maybe some lettuce and cilantro?

The cool thing about the square foot garden plan
is that it doesnt matter
that my soil is Terrible- because you put your
own soil mixture into the box.

Im going to start this this weekend...
because according to my
"Gardening in Idaho" book I need to start
planting things within the next month!
and of course
its supposed to rain on Saturday (figures)

But no excuses right??

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I want to go back

to Europe.

I dont know why
But lately I have been obsessed
with traveling

After I graduated my parents and little brother
went on a trip to Europe
and I cant wait for someday
when Joel and I can go to all of these amazing places


Versailles Palace Gardens

Arc De Triomphe


Neuschwanstein Castle

isn't that the most amazing blue you've ever seen?
makes me want cotton candy ice cream


Swiss Alps

Inside the Mountain
everything is ice, including the walkways
you can pretty much guess I fell



Piazza San Marco


La Spezia

This place was paradise
Lord Byron (the poet) actually used this place where
im standing his inspiration for most
of his poems. So cool!

Cinque Terre (Five lands)
Five towns hug the sea cliffs
along the Mediterranean
There is a train connecting them all
and the ride was worth it
they had amazing seafood!

Im also obsessed with the color of water
look how clear that is???





The Vatican



I know it'll probably be a long time
before we ever go to any of these places

all the more time to plan! :)