Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Is Joel ever coming home?"

My little brother (Marshall, who is almost 18) is living with me for the summer since Joel is gone.  He is a super big help and I love having him here.  He even runs my errands and does the dishes! haha I was surprised and a little mortified when Marshall told me that he had chatted with a few neighbors while out moving around sprinklers, and that they thought that Joel and I got a divorce and that Marshall was my new boy friend....THEN the little neighborhood boys who all play accross the street from us came over and confronted me about it one morning while I was leaving for work.  They were concerned Joel was never coming back and that there was a weird guy mowing my lawn. haha I reassured them Joel would be back at the end of the summer and they seemed to calm down.  These are the same kids who about cried when I gave them "a WHOLE dollar" for a cup of lemonade at their stand...ha I love those kids.  But now im kind of paranoid that all my neighbors think that Joel and I got a divorce, and now that im obviously pregnant its even more embarrassing. oh well! haha

This picture is back from 2008 but its one of my favorites! Love my little bro!

One of the only downsides to having Marshall here is that he is staying in what is to be the baby's nursery.  Before he came I had it all cleaned out and ready to start it is filled with messy boy things and smells weird.  So I have decided I will put all of my nursery planning on here in pictures, then when he is gone I will actually start accumulating things.  (this is probably for the best so I dont spend as much money haha)

This nursery gave me my color scheme idea.  Joel's favorite color is red, and I really wanted a simple, calming color scheme for the room.  I recently repainted the room this same beige color, and my crib and dresser will be an off white like these in the picture. 
 I am also using two black brown bookcases that are already in there, to put baskets/nic nacs on.  So to tie in the dark color book cases with the lighter crib and dresser...I thought id do both in a chair.  I love these rocking Ikea chairs, we had one growing up and they're so comfy.    I fell in love with this beige leather and the dark wood... 
However after going into the store and seeing them in person, I am torn and also fell in love with this red beauty.  (the base would be the one above, not that brown) 
Im thinking ill have to get them both and see them in the room haha im not very good at just imagining what it would look like. dah decisions decisions.  

 I love these little lanterns and think the white ones would be way cute against the dark book cases.
Isn't that clock AMAZING??  Its going to go on top of the dresser :)

If you know Joel, you know he is a huge baseball nut.  His dad gave him a vintage glove that i'd like to use on one of the I thought it would be cute to have some little baseball touches around the room.  BUT nothing really "babyish" im not a fan of really cutesy/baby nurserys.  I want "sophisticated baby" haha
I saw this picture and thought it would be fun to put a baseball in some of his newborn pictures and frame them. 
The other baseball touch I want is a framed picture of classic baseball.  Im thinking Babe Ruth swinging, or Fenway Park in black and white. 

I am so excited about getting ready for baby...and to me this means buying diaper bags, binkies, etc...haha but Joel has told me I cant buy anything for baby until September...I think he thinks im going to turn into a hoarder or something?  haha we'll see how that works out. 

Joel took his FINAL today for his first 6 week "semester" and now we are off to BEAR LAKE for the weekend! Woohoo! Ive never been so I cant wait to go and relax!!


  1. Funny and sad about your neighbors! Everyone will be so excited to see Joel again! I totally get you about the whole nursery thing! I am in a crazy nesting stage but can't do ANYTHING until I move back to Idaho with only 1 month of this pregnancy left!!!

  2. LOVE this post! It reminds me of when I was planning June's room. SO fun! Also, I love that the neighbors are so concerned for your relationships. Too cute! You must have good neighbors!

  3. Hahaha! Too funny! Just say you're exploring your polygamy options ;)