Sunday, June 17, 2012

19 Weeks

I am so excited to finally be half way! (by the time im posting this im in my 21st week) I am a slacker and will post more pics soon.  I feel like its been going by pretty quickly, and most of that is probably due to the crazy summer we are having.  Since Joel is living in Utah, the only things I really have to look forward to are when he comes home for a weekend, or I drive down there...and this only happens every couple of weeks.  So for some reason when im looking forward to a weekend with him, the time flys by! I cant believe its already the middle of June. 

I have been feeling pretty great lately, but im starting to move my bedtime closer and closer to 8:30pm every night.  I never felt that exhaustion that some pregnant women complain about...until now.  After being on my feet all day working, ill get home and have some leftover energy to get things done, but its like the minute it hits 8:30 im asking myself, "Is it too early to go to bed?"  Joel keeps reassuring me its normal, "you ARE growing a baby..." ha but I just feel like im 90 years old. 

I had a doctors appointment on Monday, and can I just say I love my doctor, he's the nicest, coolest, most personable docor on the planet.  In short I heart him alot.  Everything seemed to be fine with the baby, but he was concerned when I told him that i'd been experiencing a shortness of breath pretty regularly every day.  Apparently there are some life threatening heart conditions you can develop while pregnant (although very rare he assured me) but one of the signs can be a shortness of I have an appointment on Thursday with the cardiologist.  Maybe I really am 90 years old?  I was a little freaked out at first and almost cried on the phone when I told Joel I was going to make the appointment, the word cardiologist is just so scary!  Hopefully everything will be fine and all my worrying will be for nothing. 

BUT we did find out we are having a baby BOY! We are so excited and im glad that now the pressure to give Joel a boy is off! haha I was worried he'd be stuck with all girls and no boys to turn into little baseball stars.  Now the hard part...what to name him....another challenge in itself!

Here are my 19 week pictures and our first picture of our little guy!


  1. so cute! sorry you had such a scare! im sure everything will be ok! pregnancy does some weird things to you! you look great! boy names are the HARDEST! we are stirring over what to name our little guy! i guess it will come...

  2. Alli, I had some heart issues too. I had to wear a holter monitor and do a few EKG's. It was super scary. I cant remember the exact term for it, but it was something about an extra signal my heart gave. It actually went away after I delivered. Pregnancy can do CRAZY things to woman. I hope everything is okay! you look amazing!
    p.s my favorite boy name is Arlo. Im in LOVE with it but Mckay doesn't like it so i'm trying to pawn it off to one of our friends:)