Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little Evie

I cannot believe how fast these past 4 months have gone. Everett is already wearing some of his 6 month clothes and it blows my mind! He is such a fun, happy baby and I don't know how we got so lucky! I find myself so excited for him to get bigger and start being able to crawl and sit up by himself etc...but at the same time I just want him to stay my little cuddly baby! So to keep track of how fast he is growing, here are some things about Everett at 4 months:
-One thing Evie loves is being sung to, and I am the queen of making up random songs, so it works out perfectly haha
- He loves his feet! Which makes changing his diaper a challenge because as soon as he gets laid on his back his feet shoot up to as close to his mouth as he can get them
- He is getting better with tummy time and is finally figuring out that his arms can help him stay up. But he doesn't last too long because it seems like every time I look away and look back he's rolled himself back over to his back. Its so funny because when he rolls over to his back his eyes get wide and a little panicky like, "what just happened!" haha and then he laughs and smiles.
-He has started reaching for things and finally likes his play gym we got him 2 months ago, he likes to grab the hanging animals and of course, put them in his mouth!
- He also loves catching your eye, I will be staring at him and he'll be looking around, and the second he makes eye contact with me he just breaks out into a huge smile. The same thing goes for catching his own reflection or watching videos of himself on the ipad.
-He is sleeping really well and bedtime is about 10ish and he usually sleeps until anywhere between 5-7am which is awesome for mom who has to work 9 hour days.
-he's learned how to hold his bottle as long as he has a little help from a blanket underneath it haha
-He's still sleeping in his snug.a.bunny (which was a life saver for getting him to sleep on his own) and he's probably only going to be able to sleep in it for another month or two and i'm dreading putting him in his crib in his own room. I love being able to look over and make sure he's ok or put my hand down and make sure he's still breathing haha ill probably have a harder time with it then he will!
I cannot wait for the weather to turn warm so we can go play outside and go on walks...and Joel cant wait for him to e able to stand and grip a golf club haha
but we are loving every minute of him and cant imagine how we got along without him :)